Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Patchy Thaw

I took advantage of the thaw on Monday afternoon to replenish some provisions. There were still some icy patches to watch out for, but the pavements along Norman Road were completely clear. Presumably the shopkeepers there had cleared the snow away.

This morning, Tuesday, the thaw was more complete, so I ventured out to Hastings town centre, but the pavements in Robertson Street and Wellington Place were still icy, though partially gritted. Oddly I found the pedestrian crossings in the town, for instance near Hastings station, were less safe to use than the road itself, since the ice doesn't seem to melt as fast on the special tiles that are used, in place of the old kerbs, to allow disabled access.

Later on I went to the area of Warrior Square station and Southwater, and there the snow was still uncleared and quite hazardous. I'd have thought clearance of the entrances and exits from stations would have had some priority.

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