Friday, 5 March 2010

Puzzle Addiction

Every week, though not every day, I buy a few newspapers, mainly for the puzzles rather than the news. On Friday for instance the Guardian has a sudoku and kakuro that are usually a bit harder than during the week. The Guardian on Saturday always has a good prize crossword, often by Araucaria, but I don't always buy it because it has far too many sections, on subjects such as sport, travel, finance, fashion and so on, that I'm not really interested in.

I also tend to get the Times once or twice a week, mainly for the crossword and the killer sudoku. However this week the Times has started to include a four-page puzzle section every day! This will mean that I have to avoid buying the Times in future, because once I start on the puzzles I have the compulsion to solve them all, and waste most of the day when I should be doing something productive. Why they have changed to this new scheme I don't know, I thought their previous policy was just the right balance.

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