Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Circular Chess in Lincoln

I went to Lincoln 24-26 July for the Circular Chess again as has become an annual custom with me. The B&B where I usually stay was booked up, so this year I stayed at the Hillcrest Hotel, which is in a very pleasant area overlooking the Arboretum. There were twelve entrants this year and an all-play-all tournament was arranged with each player getting fifteen minutes on the clock. This rapid-play I thought would not suit me, but I did win the first two games, but lost the rest on the time limit, despite often having a superior position. The heat also did not help. John Beasley was there, but only as an observer. The winner once again was Francis Bowers, who had the difficult task of meeting me in the last round. On the Saturday before the tournament I managed to get in a swim at the Yarborough leisure centre, but may have overdone it a bit, since I had a stiff back the next day, but perhaps that was due to the soft bed at the hotel.

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