Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nostalgia Apologia

I thought I'd let my beard grow during the cold spell over the Winter Solstice, thinking that I would probably shave it off when the weather changed, but it seems I have now become attached to it, at least until any really warm weather should come along. I've also updated my photo here and on facebook accordingly.

This evening, having seen it previewed in the local paper, I went to the White Rock Theatre for an evening of nostalgia, where the Glenn Miller Orchestra was performing. The tunes were good, and some of the individual performers, but it was just far too loud. After the interval I tried moving further back in the Gallery but couldn't escape the sheer blast of sound. It was getting almost painful. So when they started playing something from The Sound of Music, which I certainly don't associate with the Glenn Miller era, I decided I'd had enough.

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