Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Disorienting Day

There was a concert of light music, of which I am a fan, due to be held at St George's Church in Beckenham this evening. So I thought I would look into the possibility of travelling there by public transport. According to the National Rail Enquiries website, which I've found to be reliable previously there was a train at 4:55 that would get me to Beckenham Junction by 17:15 with one change at East Croydon.

However, when I tried to buy such a ticket at Hastings station I was told such a trip was "impossible"! Also that the National Rail Enquiries were now run by a bus company who didn't understand the railways. Apparently the link from East Croydon to Beckenham Junction is via a Tram line. This appears to be correct: it is on something called the London Tramlink, which I've never heard of before, though it has been around for ten years.

So, lacking a clear route, I aborted the trip and decided to listen to a concert on Classic FM. This was a Prokofiev concert introduced by Howard Goodall. The first item announced was his Classical Symphony, number 1. However the music played bore little resemblance to previous performances of that work I had heard. I suspect it was some other of his symphonies, in far more modern style. The second item was announced as the music from Romeo and Juliet, including the "Dance of the Knights". However, unless I fell asleep, this was not the music played.

Tomorrow apparently it's time to put the clocks back, or is it forward? I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

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