Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tours and Twitters

I've just been trying to remove two blogs from the list of those that I "follow", but there doesn't seem to be any way to do it. The instructions explain how to do it, and they are supposed to lead to a page where you can click a "stop following this blog" button. But they don't!

A day or so ago I uploaded a new page on King and Queen tours to my Knight's Tour Notes pages on the Mayhematics site. This is a page that has been waiting to be uploaded to the old KTN site for several years. There's stil a lot of other material, and updates to existing material, to be added. It's a continuous process.

I've been getting more involved with Twitter. I now have about 15 followers, have sent about 30 tweets and follow about 70 people and organisations. Mostly these are to do with mathematical recreations and humanism. One message led me to this site on mathematics by John D. Cook where the old subject of the misattribution of Beverley's magic tour to Euler came up, and I've contributed to the discussion.

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