Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mathematics and Number Wisdom

I've at last got round to updating the mathematics section of my website. The "Rational Mathematics", "Alternative Mathematics" and "Geometry" sections are now all under one index page. I've also transferred the pages on "Altairian Arithmetic", "Numerology" and "Numeromancy" from Esoterica to the Alternative Mathematics section, together with a new page on "Arithmosophy".

I'm not sure that Numeromancy and Arithmosophy can really be called Mathematics but they use numbers and require a knowledge of some arithmetic. I base my interpretation of "Wisdom of Numbers" on multiplicative relationships rather than additive properties. This makes it a more disciplined realm.

I have masses of notes on Geometry, but lack of satisfactory software for producing diagrams has held it back. There is nothing particularly new, just improved arrangement and presentation, making use of CSS.

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  1. Hi George, sorry to post a comment that has nothing to do with your blog, but I am unable to contact you via more conventional channels. I need your permission to use some of your material from your web site: All the King's Men. If you could contact me at davidjhowe/atsign/yahoo/dot/com I would appreciate it. Many thanks!!