Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Sources of Magic Knight Tours: Update

Two minor updates to the list of sources of magic knight tours of the standard chessboard have come to light from my researches in Le Siecle.

Tour 00i by an Unknown composer appears as problem 772 on 25 April 1979 with solution on 2 May 1879. The word puzzle used with it is given as by M. Jacquemin-Molez but the composer of the design is not identified. The column is signed as by A. Feisthamel as usual, but if by him the designer would probably be cited as M. A. F. so I think we have to classify it as still Unknown and from an earlier source. The 1879 date is one or two years earlier than the 1880/81 date given by Murray.

Tour 00f by Palamede (the pseudonym of Count Ligondes) appears as problem 2134 on 31 August 1883 with solution on 7 September 1883. There does not seem to be any mention of its cyclic properties.

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