Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Two Ritas

This morning around mid-day I felt in need of some exercise, and it was a sunny day, possibly the last for a while, so I decided on a walk along the prom towards West St Leonards and perhaps a meal out. On the promenade near the Azur restaurant I was stopped by two ladies, who turned out to be Jehovah's Witnesses. I'd met at least one of them before, having argued with her at the door of my home, and she remembered me as being a Humanist. We exchanged names and some banter. She was Rita, and so was her companion.

I carried on with my constitutional, which Rita had called "power-walking", as far as the end of the cycle-path. No sign yet of it being extended to Bexhill. Turning back there I noticed that the "Bridge Cafe" on the corner was open, so went in for a late breakfast and cup of tea. I didn't remember it being open on other times I've walked past, but apparently the people who run it have been there for ten years. While I was there a group of eight businessmen came in, though there's not much sign of business around there now, since the wood-store closed down.

Maybe I ate my sausage, egg, bacon, beans and tomatoes too quickly, or didn't rest long enough to let them digest, because as soon as I got back home I began to have a bout of hiccups. Once it starts I find it difficult to stop. After a rest it seems to stop, but as soon as I make some strenuous move it starts up again. I think I will call it a bout of "The Two Ritas" in future!

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