Thursday, 17 May 2012

Another Long Walk

Last Saturday, 12 May, I took a walk along to Bexhill. This was prompted in part by the fact that Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity of which I am a supporter was holding a "family fun day" at Glyne Gap to celebrate the new cycle link between Hastings and Bexhill along the seafront, avoiding the main road. The photo shows the main part of the work where it rises up to the small hill just before it reaches Glyne Gap. In fact it was being used more by pedestrians than cyclists while I was there. The quality of the path is not as good as the previously existing path past the coastguard post to Bexhill, since it is not tarred, and is rough in many places, which is not good for cycle tyres. I was walking rather than using my bike, and the tide was out so that I took the opportunity to walk along the beach some distance away from the shore. In the process I took 12 other photos besides this one. As you can see it was a fine sunny day, though with a chill wind. The flags and stands of the Sustrans exhibition didn't much interest me, though I noticed Councillor Lock and the Hastings MP were involved. Instead I carried on to Bexhill and looked into the Bestsellers bookshop, which is run by one of our Hastings Humanists members (Mike Lynott). There we had a chat and I bought a couple of books (The Story of Philosophy by Bryan Magee, and The Fire by Katherine Neville, which is a sequel to her novel The Eight which I enjoyed some years ago.) By chance I met another Hastings Humanists member (Graham Martin-Royle) in the street and we stopped for a chat. After a meal at the Pop In Restaurant, and after buying a Guardian newspaper, I returned home by bus. Quite an eventful and pleasant day out.

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