Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Another View

I made a slight error in the description of the last photo; the building just visible on the left is not the Mayor of London's office but some other building. The new City Hall is better shown in this other photo. For a photo from a different angle see this one on my Flickr pages. That's not taken with a distorting lens, the building really is that lopsided shape!

The part of the St Olaves building with the small cupola was, if I remember right, used as the gymnasium. There were stairs leading up to a balcony where we changed our clothes. I was never any good at gymnastics, but enjoyed climbing the ropes, once I'd got the hang of it.

By the way there is no missing apostrophe in "Olaves", it is an old form of "Olaf's" so I suppose the e serves like an apostrophe. I would guess it was originally pronounced Olav-ez rather than to rhyme with slaves! The school was solely for boys but there was a companion school, St Saviour's, for girls, though there was never any contact between the two as far as I was aware.

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  1. A mobile view of the same area can be seen on Google Street View here, if the link works:

    City Hall

    You may need to navigate a bit.