Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December is Here, or has it Gone?

Our tree has now lost all its leaves, but still has a couple of plastic bags tangled in its twigs. This is now back to the way it was when I moved here in December last year.

An invitation has just come through the door "to view proposals for a new development at The College of the Holy Child Jesus" which is the building behind the tree. "Proposals include conversion of the historic buildings into residences, additional new residential development, a new open space facility and enhamced landscaping." The exhibition is open Friday 11th December (1 - 8 pm) and Saturday 12th December (10 am - 1 pm).

I suppose it is still December, and I haven't dropped off into a coma for a month? The date according to the read-out on my BT phone now says it is "Jan 2"!

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