Friday, 11 December 2009

Recycling, Swimming and Quizzing

On Wednesday. finding I had an accumulation of empty glass jars to dispose of at the recycling point, which is in the car park of the leisure centre, I decided to combine this duty with a swim in the pool.

Despite resolving to go swimming regularly, and it now being free for pensioners like me, I'd not been there for several months. Apart from the bad weather, and sheer laziness, this is because the times one can go swimming and get a clear lane are limited. The only trouble with swimming in the afternoon is that it disturbs the digestion. If I'm going to swim regularly at that time I need to organise my meals to suit.

On Thursday evening I ran a quiz for the Hastings Humanists. Most of the questions were based on a similar quiz I held a few years ago in Leicester. Although I thought many of the questions were quite easy the scoring achieved was only around 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 correct on both occasions. But then it's easy being the quizmaster since you have all the answers written down. Next year, as a member suggested, we could ask people to bring their own questions, and everyone could have a go in turn at being the quizmaster.

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