Thursday, 20 October 2016

Adventure of the Halogen Oven.

The halogen oven that I have had for a number of years broke down on the 4th of October, and there seemed no prospect of getting it repaired, since it is no longer in the Easy Life catalogue.

So I ordered a new one from Tesco Direct. They took the payment from my bank account and claimed the item had been dispatched on 12th of October, but it never arrived, though I stayed in all day waiting for it. According to their delivery system, which seems to be independent from Tesco, they attempted to deliver the goods but they were refused. I can only assume they tried to deliver it to the wrong address. No one contacted me by phone to say the goods were on their way, which is the usual procedure. They didn't offer to try to deliver it again to the right address. At any rate, after the exchange of a couple of emails they did refund the money to my bank account.

So yesterday I ordered a similar oven from the Argos catalogue and went along this morning to pay for and collect it myself. That all went OK. It has proved to be a bit larger than I thought, but I shall try it our this evening. I didn't take up the £9.99 offer of replacement if it breaks down within three years, since surely anything that does not last that long isn't worth replacing.

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