Saturday, 29 October 2016

Saturday Morning Walk

I noticed what looked like a large white tea-caddy on top of the structure on the pier yesterday evening as I walked along the prom. When I went to have a closer look it turned out to be a camera obscura. It was occupied by some giggling children so I didn't get to look inside behind the curtain.

My feet were feeling uncomfortable this morning. I've come to the conclusion it is due to the more flexible shoes I've been wearing, which may be giving my toes too much exercise. At least I hope that's what is the cause. It may also be that they retain too much heat. I had to cut short my visit to Leicester on 10th to 14th September because my feet had had enough of walking around.

This morning I got the urge to go for another walk, so put on an old pair of shoes with a hard sole, though they need a repair to the worn-down heels. I found a new path round the Hastings Museum which comes out at Cornwallis Gardens where the chess club is. The shoes proved satisfactory. I got as far as the top of West Hill, by the Castle, and came down the steep steps to the sea-front.

There weren't many people about at 8 am, but there were quite a lot of runners practicing circuits by the pier as I came back. I'm not tempted to join in. Must now repair the heels, as I had intended for at least a year, having bought the materials, but never got round to the task. A Saturday morning exercise may be a good idea on a regular basis.

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