Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Knight's Tour Work

It is time I gave an update on my work in putting my Knight's Tour Notes webpages into book form. This is a project I have been working at for years. The current proposal is to put all the material into a series of eight separate monographs, each of around 100 pages.

The subjects of the studies are roughly as follows. The numbering is provisional. 1. History of Tours. 2. Knight-move Geometry, 3.Small-Board Knight Tours. 4.Symmetry in Knight Tours. 5. Simple Linking of Pseudotours. 6.Shaped Board Tours. 7.Leaper Tours. 8. Magic Tours.

The first six titles are almost entirely about knight tours. The last two include tours using pieces with other moves. The magic tours end with magic squares that use up to four different types of move.

If my health holds out I aim to get this completed by the end of the year. I've given deadlines before and not met them, but this time I'm more confident.

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