Saturday, 28 February 2009

An Oslo Futon

I left my rather old sofa behind in Leicester, so that since I moved I haven't had any soft furnishings in my living room. I looked round various furniture stores without finding anything similar. Then in the window of a small shop, I spotted an illustration of a thing called an "Oslo Futon". This seemed a rather curious mixture of Nordic and Japanese, but the design appealed to me. It was delivered through my bedroom window this morning, in the form of a flat pack and a roll of mattress, and I spent a couple of hours putting it together. The base is metal and held together with nuts and bolts, rather like Meccano which I used to enjoy playing with when I was about seven. It also folds flat to make a bed. It's possibly a bit large for the room, and heavy to move, but at least I've now got somewhere soft to sit.


  1. Hi George,

    Nice to know that you got a new sofa (cum bed). It looks elegant but how comfortable is it? Well, taste of pudding lies in eating and I wish to 'taste' it.

    I can see atlas and dictionaries in the bookshelf. Where is your collection of mathematics and philosophy books? Please treat us with more photographs.

    Awani Kumar

  2. You have good eyesight! All my other books and papers are still in archive boxes, mostly around the walls of my bedroom. The BCVS Library, and other chess stuff, is in boxes against the wall of the entrance passage, alongside my bicycle.