Saturday, 21 February 2009

Water down the Walls!

I just noticed, as I switched on the computer this evening, that there was a trickle of water coming down the wall I am facing! On checking with the other flats above I find that Flat 4 has worse damp stains in the same position. The water is apparently coming from Flat 5 on the top floor, and they say it has been reported before to the landlord and agents. I will of course do the same, and would expect something to be done about it reasonably quickly.

I've now transferred all the material I had on floppy disks to my laptop, and backed it up on a single memory stick. So I now have some 200 disks to dispose of (and a Mitsumi floppy disk driver surplus to requirements). Does any one still use floppy disks? Or will I just have to dispose of them to waste somehow?

Edit (9:25 pm): After writing the above, I closed the computer and put on the radio to listen to Classic FM, and it turned out that the theme for Henry Kelly's "Classic Ephemera" programme was - Water! It's a strange thing, coincidence, isn't it?


  1. Water down the walls! Aha, this is similarity between England and India. However, here, it is mostly during rainy season, not in winter. May be, your flat is old. Anyway, if I had to choose between 'Water down the walls!' or ' Tap running dry'; I will prefer former.

    Floppy discs are mostly outdated now and perhaps nobody uses them. Blank CDs (at Rs.10) cost less than floppy discs. So sell them in an antique shop or donate to a science museum.

    Awani kumar

  2. Re. Floppy discs. you should try the Hastings Freecycle group - there are plenty of computer buffs who relish retro material who would probably take them off your hands like a shot, but remember to wipe them, including the contents of the dustbin - just in case.