Sunday, 19 June 2011

Website Upgrade

Yesterday my mayhematics website was unavailable due to the bandwidth limit being exceeded. This appears to be due to more people looking at it and downloading pages from it. There was a big spike at 4pm on Saturday for some reason. So I have had to upgrade to the next level, which about doubles the price to be paid each year to £60, which still seems very reasonable. At any rate I hope this resolves the problem. Perhaps I should look into ways of charging for donwloads.

I'm also thinking of registering some other domain names, since the subjects covered on the site do not all fall logically under the "mayhematics" heading, they have all accumulated in one place due to previous service providers closing down or not continuing to provide support, and due to changes from dial-up, to cable broadband, to telephone-line broadband connections.

Probably it is about time to upgrade my computer as well, but I dread all the problems that that could throw up so will probably leave it to the last minute as usual when it will be unavoidable.