Sunday, 23 September 2018

Need for a Change

I seem to be unsettled lately. Can't concentrate on anything.
Maybe I need to get on with my proposed move to the Midlands.
Being in the same place for ten years is a long time for me.
Time for a change, a new scene, or a new stimulus.
It might also have something to do with the Brexit impasse.
The whole country needs a good shake-up.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

A Visit to the Midlands

I took the train and coach up to Leicester last Saturday (8 September) though regretted choosing to  walk from Waterloo to Victoria Coach Station, forgetting that the South Bank and Westminster Bridge would be crowded with sight-seers on a Saturday. I preferred to do this rather than risk the change of trains at East Croydon, between different train operators, since in my experience the transfer tends to takes longer than allowed for, especially when the train is late arriving.

On the Sunday I went to Leicester Secular Hall for their Open Day and for the lecture on Chapman Cohen in the evening. In between I visited old haunts in Leicester, where I lived for ten years, and found quite a bit of rebuilding had been done, as compared with last time I was there two years ago, when everything was being knocked down. The Abbey Park fortunately is much the same.

On the Monday I took to the trains again to visit Stoke on Trent, mainly because I had noticed some small terraced houses to rent, similar to the one I had in Leicester, at a reasonable rent. Also because I had only been to that area once before and wanted to see if I would like to live there. Generally I got a good impression, particularly the bus system centred on Hanley. I took a number 3 bus to Tunstall and had a walk in the park there.

Returned home on the Tuesday, but have felt somewhat tired since, so probably overdid the walking and travelling. For some reason I'm getting pains in my hands. Just getting old I suppose. If I do get round to moving to Stoke it will be my last move, but I do feel the need for a change of scene, as well as to make a saving on my rent, and have the freedom of my own front door.