Monday, 27 May 2013

Resurrection Day for Old Websites

Two more of my websites on free dial-up servers disappeared into the ether some time around the beginning of May. I've been spending a lot of time since then on reconstructing them on sections of the Mayhematics site. This is in addition to rearranging the Knight's Tour Notes material. There I have been putting the images into separate folders which makes it easier to understand, rather than have everything jumbled up together.

The Games and Puzzles Journal is now here: but there are 13 more pages to do, which is about half the total. It's a while since I looked at these pages in any detail, and I found they made interesting reading. As usual a number of links had disappeared though I was able to relocate some of them on new sites.

The British Chess Variants Society website is now here: and is as complete as I can make it. I still had a few pages of my own articles on my computer, but the rest was preserved by Sue Beasley who maintained the site for several years up to 2010 when the Society closed down. At present the policy is to keep the pages as an archive and not to update them. In effect this treats them like any printed publication. There are items there that I had almost forgotten too.

Many old sites can also be found on the way back machine here: at least in part if you have the old web address.