Monday, 26 August 2019

Update for June and July

I seem to have missed a month again.

On 26 June I played in a 5-round Blitz tournament at the Crewe Chess Club. Forget result.

On 27 June my computer website sub was due. It is just under £60 on a standing order, so OK.

On 30 June I reinstalled the scanner on my computer and began to scan material on knight's tours, beginning with a paper by Eggleton & Eid and the Retrograde Analysis of Dawson and Hundsdorfer that I have been meaning to copy for some time. It has now been uploaded to my website. I also gave it a mention on Alexander George's chessproblemnet pages.

On 10 July I renewed my ECF membership.

On 23 July as a member of a Crewe team I was taken by car to play in a special Rapid Play match at the Town Crier in Chester. I was on the bottom board (12) but fortunately managed to win both my games (as Black and White against the same opponent).

My ECF grade for rapid play is now up to 92 though my normal grade has dropped drastically to 66.

Addendum: I seem to have forgotten that I played in a local Rapid Play Tournament organised by the Crewe Chess Club and held at the Ibis Hotel on 19 May. In that I won a grading prize. The results are reported here: The key to rapid play I find is to keep to openings you know quite well, but the opponent may not be familiar with. This enables one to build up a time advantage early on.