Monday, 23 September 2013

Catching Up Again

I found the heat during the summer rather exhausting, and lack of progress on much of my work has been depressing. This has also been made worse by the plastering and painting work being done on the outside and in the hallway of the building where I live which has made it difficult to get out or to concentrate on anything. Of course the place will look much better when it's all finished. One of the improvements has been the removal of a broken down old car that has been standing in the parking space alongside the house for a long while. I have a photo of its removal that I was going to post here, but am having difficulty finding it, since the 'My Pictures' to which the blog connection gives access for some reason doesn't show the file containing the photograph. This is puzzling. I may have to move the photo and come back to post it. - I seem to have managed that, but the photo appears in the top middle instead of the top left corner as it used to, and there was no longer a choice of arrangements offered.