Monday, 30 July 2018

Knight's Tour Notes Update

My efforts to put the information from the website into book form have taken a backward step, to leap forward again I hope. The material has broken apart again to take the form of a series of smaller books of around 80 or 96 pages.

This has quickly resolved into ten parts:
0 - Bibliography with Glossary
1 - Theory of Moves (including leapers)
2 - Odd and Oddly Square Boards (6x6 10x10, etc)
3- Symmetry (including mixed quaternary)
4- Simple Linking of Pseudotours
5 - Oblong Boards
6 - Shaped and Holey Boards
7 - Magic Square Knight Tours
8 - Multimover Magic (King, Queen, etc)
9 - Miscellanea (Figured, Lettered, HexBoards etc)

Updated 4 August.