Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Knight's Tours Notes in 12 PDFs

On 26 September I published this version of my "Knights Tour Notes" in the form of 12 PDF monographs that can be downloaded from my publications page. I am really pleased, and indeed relieved, that I have been able to get this finished. Though new historical information has since come to light that makes part of it out of date already!

Knight's Tour Notes by G. P. Jelliss

1 — Theory of Moves

2 — Walker Tours

3 — Shaped & Holey Boards

4 — Oblong Boards

5 — Odd & Oddly Even Boards

6 — Geometry of Chessboard Knight Tours

7 — Symmetry in Chessboard Knight Tours

8 — Octonary & Quaternary Pseudotours

9 — Magic Knight Tours

10 — Augmented Knight & Leaper Tours

11 — Alternative Worlds

12 — Chronology & Bibliography

This series of 12 monographs, contain much of the material from my Knight's Tour Notes web-pages. It was orignally proposed to publish it in book form but has proved too much to reproduce that way. It may be possible to produce a shorter book, in a more popular style, if a publisher can be found.