Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Eye Operation

Early this morning (Tuesday) I went to Leighton Hospital for an operation on my left eye to remove a cataract. This seems to have been successful so far, though it will probably take a month to get used to it. The operation itself was not a very pleasant experience. The eye itself was anaesthetised and the rest of my face covered by a cloth. Although I can now see with the left eye the image does not align with the right eye, but I suppose this will right itself eventually.

Last Wednesday (5th June) I had to call in a Locksmith since I've had increasing difficulty in getting back into the flat and was afraid of getting locked out. Replacing the lock cost me £136.80, but it does now open very smoothly. Leaders, the estate agents seem to think I should have called them first, but they haven't responded on other problems.

Back on 23 April I complained about the light in the wash room flickering, and they said they would contact the Landlords about it, but nothing has happened. I can't fix it myself as it is not clear how it is held up or comes apart to reveal the type of light, which may be a fluorescent tube type.

All the lights in the flat and in the hallway are very old and really need replacing. On Saturday the last of the old bulbs in the front room lighting failed. They are tiny incandescent bulbs no longer made. I replaced two in the other fitting a while ago with LEDs which don't really line up with the reflector plates. Another light just inside the door has never worked, and the light in the bedroom lacks the ring that is needed to hold up a lamp shade.

All these little irritations add up, but generally I am happy with the flat.

Update: 26 August 2019

The Estate Agents, acting for the Landlord, arranged for Sykes Electrical to come and fix all the lights on 18 June, which was done very quickly. They also seem to have reimbursed me for the cost of the lock repair.

Also I was signed off at the Eye Clinic on 29 June, and had the lenses replaced in my glasses by Vision Express on 22 August. So things are looking better.