Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hastings Chess Congress

The Hastings Chess Congress occupied most of my time from 28 December to 5 January, since I entered all four of the supporting events. Just in the lowest graded sections of course, not the Masters! Scored 3/5 in the Xmas AM event (winning £15 grading prize), but only 1/5 in the Xmas PM event. Then in the Weekend event scored 3/5 again, against stronger players (winning £25 grading prize). Only managed 1.5/4 in the New Year event. 

These results continue my improved play over the past six months, with similar 3/5 results at Thanet in August and Bournemouth at the end of October. I'm also doing well in the internal Hastings Chess Club Rush Cup event. I hope all this will restore my ECF grade to near 100 again when the new gradings are announced later this month.