Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Catching Up

I can't seem to keep up regular posts here.

On 12 July I went into Eastbourne Hospital expecting to have an operation, but after discussion with the surgeon it was decided to postpone it for further tests that are now due on 18th October.

On 15 July I went to a l0cal chirch, St John's Brittany Road, for a concert by Hastings Sinfonia. I tweeted that they should be called sinfffonia since they were far too loud for me. On 16 Juky I went to Eastbourne for a concert at the bandstand. That was more enjoyable. So much so that I went to several other band concerts there on other Sundays. Always preceded by fish and chips. My brothers also came for a meal on the 23rd but didn't stay for the music.

In August 18th to 20th I went to play in the Minor section of the Thanet Chess Congress. However I could only manage three draws against weaker opposition, which decided me not to renew my membership of the Hastings Chess Club in September, having taken a rest from it last year.

During the week beginning 11 September I went to Battle to help with putting the National Chess Library on shelves that had been installed in the English Chess Federation offices there. Good progress was made, though there are still some further bookcases to be set up.

Because I had been thinking of moving back to the midlands, I took it into my head to order a mobile phone. However while chasing after the DRD delivery driver, who was trying to deliver the parcel to the wrong address, I missed the bottom step and slipped, spraining ankle. Later I also returned the phone since I couldn't work out how to use it. So not a happy time. 

More updates to come.