Saturday, 11 April 2009


Tuesday last week (31 March), I took a walk along the front to Bexhill and back. It was a lovely sunny day with a blue sky and calm sea. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera. It's much as I remember it from ten years ago, though many more rocks have been put in place to keep the sea at bay from the adjacent railway line. If or when the expected sea-level rise occurs, as a result of global warming, the line will be the first thing cut off.

This Easter weekend, as often lately, I have been spending time listening to the countdown of favourite music on Classic FM, and doing the crossword and number puzzles in the Guardian. The Easter crossword puzzle which as usual is by my favourite composer "Araucaria" was really enjoyable, though I had to look in the dictionary a good deal for words I'd never heard of. His clues are always very fair however, if you have the right answer it is always clear that it is the right answer.

I feel rather guilty at times that I ought to be doing more creative things. But with puzzles you always know that there is a solution. Whereas with more recondite problems you can spend hours and days and months and even years and get nowhere. Perhaps I don't have sufficient incentive, such as desire for fame and fortune, or perhaps I'm just lazy. What would incentivise me to get back to serious work I wonder?

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