Monday, 1 June 2009

Knight's Tour Notes

I've been making progress in sorting out all my notes on knight's tours, with the idea of putting the material into book form. So far it consists of a mere 75 chapters covering 500 pages! And there are still a lot of files I've not incorporated, plus material not yet put into electronic form. The secret to making progress I've found is to stick to one simple standard layout (A4 pages with 1 inch borders and diagrams with cells 1/5 inch width.) In the past I've tried out numerous different forms, with consequent difficulty in editing them all together. Once I've put everything in it will be time to be more selective in deciding the final contents. It may of course make several books, aimed at different readerships.

On Sunday Radio 3 was devoted to a series of programmes on Haydn, and I listened to quite a lot of them, particularly the symphonies and quartets. His music went well with a warm sunny day. I think he had a sunny disposition.

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