Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Quiz Night and Hastings Pier

Last night I went to a Quiz Night held at the White Rock Hotel by a group calling themselves the "Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust". I took part in it as a one-man team and came last with 28 out of something like 92 points, although many of the questions were about television programmes and adverts, which I've not watched. There was a prize, for coming last, of six small bottles of alcoholic beverages. However, since I'm not much of a drinker I passed it on to the next to last team. The first prize winners got six large bottles. There was no mention of any campaign to reopen the pier. It seems the quiz was mainly a way of promoting the hotel bar. So I doubt I'll be joining the organisation. But I hope Hastings Council can do something soon to get the pier open again and in working order. There was an article in The Guardian (G2 22 June) that suggested piers are making a comeback in places such as South End, Saltburn and Deal. So why not Hastings?

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