Thursday, 1 October 2009

Casting a Strange Shadow

Feeling the need for more exercise I decided on a long walk this afternoon and made my way along the seafront to the fishing boats and climbed the steps up to the East Hill and along the cliff edge to Ecclesbourne Glen. There I followed the further steps down into the glen and up the other side. The photo above was taken on my way down the steps into the glen. I was surprised to find, when I put the image up on the computer, that my shadow seemed to have grown some sort of catlike tail! Once up the other side I took the route through the woods, ending up at Barley Lane. I found I'd taken 33 photos by the time I got back home. The sun was very bright in my eyes on the way back. On the way through the glen I met a man coming the other way, from Fairlight, and chatted to him briefly about the steps being rather uneven. On the way back our paths crossed again. He said he had come all that way just for his fish and chips!

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