Sunday, 8 February 2009

Birthday Reflections

It was a lovely bright morning and I went for a walk, to dispose of some jars and bottles at the recycling centre, and buy a leisure pass at the swimming pool. More pleasant was a walk through the Falaise gardens and along 'Bottle Alley' below the Promenade. There at midday the sun was warm and sparkling off the calm sea. But the forecast for tomorrow is dire; wet and cold and possibly much more snow.

I've been transferring lots of old files, still kept on floppy discs, onto a new (well, reconditioned) laptop. My notes on such things as Knights Tours got into something of a muddle, it being difficult to distinguish which version of any article was the most recent version and which an old backup. My aim is to update my website on that subject and if possible complete a book summarising the most interesting results. Similarly with my other interests.

However, from a practical income-generating point of view, perhaps I should be concentrating my efforts on completing my erotic novel? There is probably a bigger market for that, even though it may be ethicaly dubious. More worthy pursuits don't bring in income, and the rent has to be paid, or I may end my days as a vagrant.


  1. Dear George,

    Happy to know that your laptop is OK now (after years of brakedown). We are anxiously awaiting Knight's Tour update.

    It is true that animal instincts are more sort after by masses than intellectual pursuits, but, as you know very well, real pleasure lies in later. Please compile a book on knight's tour. You will earn royalty. If that is not sufficient then I invite you to my home. You can stay at my home, as long as you please, as my honoured guest. Believe me, I am not joking. But please don't waste your talent in writing erotics; leave that for lesser mortals (who can't do better things).

    Awani Kumar

  2. Thanks for the offer! I may have to take it up in two years time. But it will be a long walk to Lucknow, and I suspect a bit too hot for me there.