Thursday, 12 February 2009

Under the Weather

Monday was wet and windy but the threatened snow didn't appear, at least in this area. When I went out in the evening to the Hastings Writers Group, water was pouring in streams down the hills towards the sea, but it was all draining away and not forming floods. Since thene it has been bright but cold. Nine of us braved the weather for the meeting, at which we were to comment on some manuscripts written by three members. I would have preferred a less formal approach. Filling in a form, I found little to say.

Since I had a bad cold back in November I've been troubled with a series of nose-bleeds, about one a week. After a couple at the week-end I had another minor one on Wednesday while vacuuming the hallway. This prompted me to see the doctor this morning in case it signifies something worse. Perhaps my blood pressure is up due to my efforts in organising the Humanist meeting, or it could just be the cold air. I've not had this before, but I think the amount of blood that soaks into hankerchiefs makes it look worse than it is. The key is to hold the nostril closed until the blood has time to coagulate and block the flow.


  1. Dear George,

    Nose bleeds are common in summer, not in winter. I can smell a rat. Visit doctor immediately since it is troubling you since November. You can finish the 'pending works' only if you are in pink of health and you know very well that only you have calibre to do them.

    Awani Kumar

  2. I saw a doctor. She treated the nose-bleed with silver nitrate, and prescribed some special nasal antiseptic. I think it's more of a winter thing in this country, due to colds.

    Another coincidence: 1 across in today's Guardian prize crossword by Araucaria was "Previous quality reportedly drawn from stone (9)." But I supppose I ought not to give away the answer yet, as it relates to the theme of the puzzle and so may help other people win the prize.