Thursday, 5 March 2009

Clouds over Brighton

I went to Brighton on Wednesday (4th March) to attend a meeting of the Brighton & Hove Humanist group, as further reported on the Hastings Humanists blog. In the course of the day I took a number of photographs, particularly of the cumulus clouds that were rising high over the city. This one, taken from the pier, is by far and away the best, although it may give a misleading impression, since it was a bright sunny day.

Besides walking round the pier I also visited the Art Gallery, in the Dome, where there is an interesting exhibition showing paintings in related but contrasting pairs. Since the late trains back to Hastings require changing trains, and I think platforms, at Lewes, I arranged to stay overnight. But the next day I felt curiously depressed, so after a further walk (via Montpellier Road and Seven Dials) came home on the 10:32 Ashford train.

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