Friday, 6 March 2009

In the Swim at Last

This morning I went for my first swim since moving back here. Not in the sea of course, in the baths! I'd bought a "leisure pass" back on 8th February, but have delayed using it for fear of having another nose-bleed. Fortunately that now seems to have cleared up. The nurse who checked my blood pressure (which turned out to be perfectly OK) seemed to think it was just due to a weak blood vessel; but what made it weak? - the bad cold I had in November I suppose. The lockers are now operated by a pound coin (it used to be 50p) but of course you get it back afterwards. The key comes attached to a plastic buckle, and it took me some time to discover the knack of fixing it to one's own wrist. Now I've got to get into the routine of a regular swim, once or twice a week.

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