Thursday, 22 December 2016

Spectacular Trouble

One support arm of my glasses fell off this morning, so I had to take them along to the opticians (now Boots who have taken over Dolland and Aitchison). They couldn't repair it so I have had to pay £25 to leave the glasses with them. Apparently they need to find another frame of the same type.

I asked about re-using one of my old frames and was told it would cost £95 for reading glasses and £250 for varifocals, but apparently it would be cheaper just to buy a new pair! How does this make any sort of sense? It doesn't, as far as I can see, without my glasses.

This is a policy that will result in all unused frames ending up in landfill.

I'm not keen on varifocals, and always had bifocals before the present pair. However it seems they don't make bifocals any more. This doesn't seem like progress to me. Probably they sacked the expert bifocal makers and replaced them by machines.

When I had an eye test recently the optometrician said he would recommend I go in for an operation to remove a cataract in the left eye.  Apparently this means replacing the material in the lens with something else, which can be done in a way that is minimally invasive.

I'm getting grumpy at the way everything seems to be breaking down at present.

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